About IASP

Currently, due to the pandemic, the IASP Training program and conferences are on hold.

Please view our International affiliate: The International Association of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology (www.iapsp.org) for membership, online conferences, workshops and other activities.

 The Institute for the Advancement of Self Psychology in Toronto is a community for ongoing education and support for clinical psychotherapists.  We are steeped in the tradition of relational self-psychology, which focuses on human development and on therapeutic process based on the empathic understanding of each human being’s subjectivity as embedded in an intersubjective context of relationship. 

We believe that every clinical therapist, regardless of orientation, needs and benefits from joining with colleaugues in a community that provides for ongoing case discussion and learning in our rapidly evolving field of psychotherapy.

For ongoing education and support we offer the following programs:

Monthly Study Group

Quarterly Clinical Dialogues

Annual Conference

Peer Supervision Groups

Educational Seminars

Social Events and Annual Holiday Party