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IASP Annual Conference: Saturday, April 25, 2020

Please note that this event is now cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.   We plan to reschedule after the coronavirus pandemic is resolved.  Thank you for your interest and watch this page for future updates.  

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Carla Leone, Ph.D

will present:

Patients and Their Significant Others:  Helping Patients Improve Their Relating and Relationships Through Individual and Couple Treatment

Whether we do couple therapy or not, we all work with patients who bring relationship concerns or complaints to their treatments.  In either modality, helping patients with relationship issues is complicated and highly influenced by the co-transference intersubjective field, whether dyadic or triadic.  In either, what is the impact of our own relationship histories on how we hear, take up and respond to patients’ relationship complaints – or not?

As individual therapists, how can we best help when we have never met the patient’s spouse or significant other, heard their side of the story, or watched the partners relate?  When and how do we refer for couple therapy, what conscious and unconscious factors influence that decision, how can couple therapy help, and should the therapists of patients in concurrent individual and couple therapies consult with each other?

Drawing both on her work on the “unseen spouse” of patients in individual treatment  (Leone, 2013b), and on the application of contemporary self psychology to couple and family treatment (Leone, 2001, 2006, 2008, 2013a, 2019), Dr. Carla Leone will address these and other questions, illustrate her perspective with clinical examples, and facilitate audience discussion.  Dr. Leone has taught and presented widely nationally and internationally on these topics and is known as a lively and engaging presenter.

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