The Institute for the Advancement of Self Psychology in Toronto offers training programs in psychoanalytic and psychotherapy and offers referral services.

The IASP training program emphasizes a broad range of contemporary psychoanalytic approaches to psychotherapy and psychoanalysis with an emphasis on Self Psychology and Intersubjectivity Theory.  In addition to the theory and clinical skills of contemporary Self Psychology and Intersubjectivity Theory, our program includes a study of Relational Theory, Motivational Systems Theory, Non-linear Dynamic Systems Theory, Attachment Theory, Trauma Theory and theories growing out of  Infant Research.  The study of contemporary theories is grounded in our historical roots through a review of Classical Psychoanalytic Theory and Object Relations Theory.  Students are exposed to a broad range of literature providing a solid perspective on the diversity of theoretical and clinical approaches in the psychoanalytic world of today.

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Upcoming Events:  IASP Annual Conference  Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

IASP is pleased to present “Treating Trauma:  Clarity and Chaos in the Therapist” presented by Dr. Judith Teicholz

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